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Floor Level inspections - Starting at *$300.00
Zip Level Pro & Precision levels
Benefit Buyers and Sellers.
To Ministry of Business and Innovation (MBIE) requirements
50-80 Individual levels recorded
*Floor Plan (CAD) Chat to us.
No upfront payment
Recommended by Lawyers. Requested by Insurers
Specialist Services
We Check Before you Commit
Finished Floor Levels Engineers Reports
Cross Lease to Fee Simple
Independent 2nd Opinion (before you sign a contract)
No upfront fees
Do you suspect you weren't told the full story?
For existing owners and recent buyers
We offer exclusive services designed to your needs. Call to ask how we can help.
Cash recoveries determined via forensic reporting

Floor Level Surveys | Building Reports | EQC repair analysis.   

Risknet is a specialist in Post-Quake™ Property. We check before you commit: whether you are looking to sell, looking to buy or simply wanting assurances with your existing property to mitigate future risks.

We are a trusted provider of comprehensive, independent Floor Level Surveys. Our reports are accepted by finance providers, insurers and lawyers, as well as Engineers, Surveyors and multiple trades. 

The Risknet difference.

We supply independent, accurate data, delivered in a timely manner, which provides our clients, and their finance and insurance providers, confidence that the data they receive is reliable. 

To gain valuable insight in all things property, feel free to give Stuart a call on  022 609 6026  

Due Diligence Specialists

We understand the risks. Do you? 

An Insurance Certificate is not a guarantee of future insurance cover.

The insurer can legally limit, or void your insurance cover if historical damage from the 2010/2011 earthquakes is deemed a contributing factor for future damage claims.

Simply put, any future insurance claim may be declined.  That’s why we check before you commit.

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Know your risks

Floor Level Surveys

Risknet Floor Level Survey and Building Assessments (NZIS standards) are critical for all PostQuake™ property.   

Buyers:   Make informed decisions with quality information.
Sellers:   Sell with confidence and avoid cancelled contracts.
Current owners:   How confident are you that your house was assessed and repaired correctly?

We produce professional reports, written in plain English, that are recommended and accepted by all professional organisations.    

Floor Level survey | RIsknet | PostQuake Property

The importance of Floor Level surveys

Make smart decisions

Risknet reports are accepted by Professional organisations including;

Finance providers , Insurers, Engineers, Contractors, CCC, ADC, EQC, MBIE, the Real Estate Authority (REA), Insurance Council (ICNZ), and many more who understand the value-add that Risknet offers.

Risknet Pre-Purchase Inspections Christchurch

Floor Level surveys, Pre-Purchase Building Reports

Floor Levels Inspections EQC funds recovery

We offer Floor Level Surveys (Zip Level Pro & Precision Laser), Wall Verticality surveys, pre-sale and pre-purchase  building inspections that can include full floor plans (CAD). We also investigate EQC claims, cash paid to previous owners and scope unrepaired or unassessed damage.

Risknet has spent the past decade reviewing reports produced by others acting in the market, where mistakes are all too common.

Buyers, Sellers and current owners can benefit from our value-add. Read the reviews and pick up the phone and talk to Stuart. Our services are accepted and highly recommended by lawyers, finance and insurance providers.


Our combined Inspection Reports are designed to meet your needs. We inspect every part of the property or specific areas that are of concern.

Following the inspection you will receive a detailed report accompanied by photographs and recommendations. Any significant issues or major defects will be immediately brought to your attention. A Risknet Pre-Purchase Inspection Report can eliminate unwanted surprises arising in the future.

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
  • Easy to read reports | Same day inspections | 1-2 day turn around
  • Are you buying a house or investment property in Christchurch?

BOOK an INSPECTION Now on 022 609 6026 or simply provide us with the property details below.

Risknet guarantees a prompt and thorough service, supported by ongoing positive client feedback and referrals.

Christchurch and Canterbury’s best building inspection provider.

The EQC On sold program is winding down

The On sold program was established by EQC for current owners who purchased property Postquake™, after the 2010/2011 and where they have found unrepaired damage.

Owners should contact Risknet to review the EQC scope of works and the repairs completed.

Risknet verus others

Risknet has completed hundreds of floor levels surveys and building inspections for clients in the past few months and as part of these assessments, Risknet is asked to review what other firms are providing in the market. The news is not good. We are continually informing and educating clients about the risks, not over stating these rather providing our specialist knowledge to assist our clients now and into the future.

Want a 2nd opinion before you buy?

Before you sign a contract, why not call Stuart and have a chat about the property you have fallen in love with. Stuart has a lot of experience and knowledge which will no doubt add valuable input to assist in your decision making process.      

Some background on Risknet.

The Director of Risknet, Stuart Fletcher, has been an early champion for change, having presented evidence to Minister Megan Woods and Grant Robertson’s office plus the Earthquake Commission, as well as providing crucial data to the insurance industry and local Regional Councils. Risknet also owns the exclusive database of damaged houses sold As Is Where Is.

Knowledge is key in firstly determining what to be wary of when buying a house, and secondly how to ensure that what you are buying will indeed have sufficient insurance during a future earthquake event.

We check before you commit.


Call today 022 6096026 for a free no obligation chat about your next property.

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