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Floor Level Surveys & Building Reports

Risknet is a specialist in Post-Quake™ property. We ensure you mitigate your risks and make informed decisions when buying property. 

Floor Level survey and reports provide assurances others firms cannot. 

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Floor levels & Report
1. Floor Levels recorded
2. Risknet Report, includes high and low points with recommendations.
[Levels are recorded to New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS) methodologies]
Floor Levels, Report and Floor plan
1. Floor Levels recorded
2. Risknet Report, includes high and low points with recommendations.
3. Floor Plan with detailed dimensions and high and low points
[Levels are recorded to NZIS standards}

Due Diligence Specialists

An Insurance Certificate is not a guarantee of future insurance cover.

We understand the risks – Do you?  The insurer can legally limit, or void your insurance cover if historical damage from the 2010/2011 earthquakes is deemed the cause for any future damage. Simply put, your claim may be declined.  That’s why we check before you commit.

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Floor level Survey

Risknet Floor levels surveys are to NZIS standards and are vital for all property in a PostQuake™ market.  Your future insurance and finance both rely on quality information being available at the time of purchase and resale.  

Don’t accept substandard reports. 

Our reports focus on the key issues in the form of a Summary. These are easy to read and written in plain English. Major issues are flagged for action. We can also offer solutions, including estimates for repairs or remediation. Buyers can make informed decisions and are put in a position to negotiate better outcomes.

Floor Level survey | RIsknet | PostQuake Property

Risknet | Floor Level survey

We add real value in all things property.  

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The importance of Floor Level surveys

Make smart decisions

Risknet is recommended by Professional organisations including;

Christchurch City Council, EQC, MBIE, the Real Estate Authority (REA), Insurance Council (ICNZ), Major Insurers and Finance providers all of whom understand the value-add that Risknet offers.

Risknet Pre-Purchase Inspections Christchurch

Floor Level surveys, Pre-Purchase Building Reports

A combined pre-purchase Floor Level and Building Inspection report includes a full assessment of the building condition.

Our reports clearly outline major defects and elements that require maintenance now and in the future.

The components of the house and property are broken down elementally (i.e. external and internal walls, roof, subfloor, ceilings etc.) and are reported on separately. If discovered, minor and major defects are clearly depicted within each report. RISKNET Pre-Purchase Floor Level and Building Inspections are completed to industry best practice and building service providers.

RISKNET provides Pre-Purchase Floor Level and Building Inspection Reports for Christchurch home buyers of all property types; from 100 year old villas, to newer townhouses, single/multi-storey dwellings, apartments, to larger free-standing properties. RISKNET provides property buyers with a priceless sense of confidence as they progress through the purchase of what is for some, life’s biggest investment.

RISKNET Buy, Build & Invest with Confidence.


Our combined Floor level and Building Inspection Reports are designed to meet your needs. We inspect every part of the property. Following the inspection our friendly staff will send you a detailed report accompanied by photographs and recommendations. Any significant issues or major defects will be immediately brought to your attention. A RISKNET Pre-Purchase Floor Level and Building Inspection Report can eliminate unwanted surprises arising in the future.

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Christchurch
  • Easy to read reports | Same day inspections | 1-2 day turn around
  • Are you buying a house or investment property in Christchurch?

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RISKNET guarantees a prompt and thorough service, backed by ongoing positive feedback and referrals.

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