Post-Quake Property Due Diligence

If you are nervous about property in Canterbury, then you need to talk to us, preferably before you sign an agreement.

Are you looking to buy a house, or perhaps you are a current owner of a house built before the quakes?  Was the house built pre-2010? 

An all too common theme that has emerged is that many have unfortunately not been told the full story about the history of the property. 

What we can provide are specialist Building inspections, Floor level surveys, Engineering assessments, and importantly charge you reasonable fees with payment options, to ensure you don’t miss out on critical information.  We provide assurances that others can’t. 

Call now on 022 609 6026 and ask about our clients’ experiences, and where we guided them to a better property outcome. 

Insurance risks are real. We all need to know our risks. 

Watch our video “The realities of buying Post-Quake Property

An Insurance certificate is not a guarantee of insurance cover. Your insurer can legally limit or void your insurance cover, when they find historical damage not repaired correctly. Your claim can be declined as a result of a future claim investigation.  Therefore, we help you do your homework to mitigate this obvious risk.

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On the same topic, do you know if the house was previously written off by an insurer and onsold As is Where Is? Best you also request a search our database

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Floor level Survey and Pre Purchase Post-Quake Inspections

We must all learn from the past 8 years

Risknet Floor levels are vital for all property in a Post-Quake market, prompting greater emphasis on sound due diligence.  Your future insurance and finance both rely on quality information being available.  

We are thorough.

Risknet and our affiliates offer a raft of comprehensive and independent services including Floor level surveys  and Building and Engineering Inspections that don’t skimp on detail. Phone Stuart Fletcher on now 022 609 6026  to discuss. 

Floor Level survey | RIsknet | PostQuake Property

Risknet | Floor Level survey

We flag potential problems, providing you with information to make sound decisions.

Our interest is in providing the best service to our clients in this risky post-quake property market, that said we do not produce cookie-cutter reports. 

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The importance of Floor Level surveys

Make smart decisions

Risknet allows you to make Smarter Decisions

When the Christchurch City Council, MBIE, the Real estate Authority and Insurance Council all believe you should talk to Risknet before you buy in a Post-Quake property market, surely you should pay attention.

Research conducted over many years has resulted in Risknet creating exclusive Quake Damage Property Databases therefore this is the first step for all buyers before they commit to a property. These Databases contain properties that have been sold with Significant Damage, and add real value to any sound due diligence to provide greater peace of mind.  

Make more informed property decisions 

All too often the information provided when a home is offered for sale is taken at face value using standards and procedures which are not sufficient given the level of risk that a purchaser may face in the foreseeable future.

List of Services:

Risknet Pre-Purchase Inspections Christchurch

Risknet Snapshot of Pre-purchase reports PostQuake

Guidance on Post-Quake property you won’t find elsewhere, including Earthquake damage Evaluations, Floor Level surveys, Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, Moisture Levels. Don’t buy someone elses damaged (unrepaired) house.

Property Due Diligence | On-solds & insurer written-off property information

Due Diligence is vital, plain and simple, even more so in Post-Quake Christchurch and wider Canterbury. When you submit a future insurance claim, your insurance cover; May not cover all damage or worse may be voided altogether!
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