Assurance for buyers

Nervous about buying property in Canterbury? Risknet is the Post-Quake Property Specialist in Canterbury.

Agents sell to your emotions. Risknet deals with facts relating to EQ damage and repairs. 

We Check Before your Commit.

Insurance risks are real. Don’t risk buying a future nightmare.

Your current insurance cover, when called upon for future claims, may not cover you at all! Historical, relevant property information is vital, and we may hold the key to interpreting this data to determine fact from fiction. 

Sound due diligence is to protect you the buyer.

Step 1: Phone tel: 022 609 6026 and talk to Stuart, before you put pen to paper or bid at auction.

Step 2: lodge a search for Quake-damaged houses (exclusive to Risknet)

Let’s talk about your next property purchase and where Risknet can add experience and value to your buying process. Risknet offers only Independent 2nd Opinion in the market. 

Services include; Floor level surveys, building inspections, specialist reports and a wealth of post-quake property experience.

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Floor level Survey and House Inspection

Verifiable proof is everything. We must all learn from the past 8 years. 

A must for current and future insurance and finance.

Floor levels and reliable building inspections are vital for post-quake property due diligence. 

Risknet and affiliates offer Independent comprehensive Floor level inspections that don’t skimp on detail.

Building Inspections

Yes, we also offer an array of property inspections for post-quake houses including NZS4306:2005. Call now 022 609 6026 to discuss. 

The importance of Floor Level surveys

Make smart decisions

We have MBIE, REA, CCC, Buyers agents and current clients all believe you should talk to Risknet before you buy a post-quake property…..perhaps it is time to take advice seriously.

Research conducted over many years has resulted in Risknet creating exclusive Quake damage databases, the first step for all buyers before they commit to a property. These Databases add real value to any sound due diligence to provide greater peace of mind. Make more informed property decisions.  

All too often the information provided when a home is offered for sale is taken at face value using standards and procedures which are not sufficient given the level of risk that a purchaser may face in the foreseeable future.

List of Services:

Earthquake Evaluation
Floor Levels
Building Inspections
Moisture Levels
Guidance on Post-Quake property you won’t find elsewhere

Property Due Diligence: Historical and current property information

Due Diligence is Vital, more so in Post-quake Christchurch and wider Canterbury
When submitting a claim for predicted future events, your insurance may; not be valid, does not cover specific elements, or in some cases may be voided altogether.
Talk to Risknet to find out more.

Risknet is a member of Australian and New Zealand Insurance and Finance