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DirectorWe check before you Commit

Our Mission

A genuine concern for the Canterbury property market, where too many buyers are acting on incomplete, and at times misleading, information.

Passionate about the property market, Stuart has been praised for undertaking the work others have failed to do.

We formed Risknet Ltd to prevent clients from repeating mistakes others have unwittingly made when they purchased property in the Canterbury region. Some, unfortunately, were to discover earthquake damage was not repaired properly and in many cases not assessed correctly in the first instance. Many only become Risknet clients when looking for solutions. We would prefer they come to us first and foremost so that we can ensure they mitigate these types of risks.

Risknet specializes in assessing houses in the Post-Quake™ property sector.

We combine database searches, Floor Level surveys, Building inspections and documentation reviews on behalf of our clients. 

Always refining and challenging the status quo,  Risknet Director Stuart Fletcher has built a solid reputation for excellence both locally and internationally. 

We can’t say it enough. If you buy a property without undertaking Due Diligence, you are risking your financial future.

Our Vision

Is to continue to offer high-quality industry-accepted professional reports that provide assurances others cannot. We work alongside buyers to ensure they are more informed and confident about the property they are buying. We work with sellers to ensure they are equipped with valuable information prior to promoting the house for sale. This information can be used to repair issues, reopen EQC claims, and inform prospective buyers.

We will continue to educate and inform various industry groups including buyers, sellers and industry experts.  It has become clear that we  hold vital knowledge that can only be learned from on-site, first hand experience.

Risknet develops and refines data

The old methodologies of property due diligence are no longer sufficient, therefore Risknet learns by doing. With a mindset of continual improvement, Risknet offers our clients unmatched service with quality data at affordable prices.

Extended payment terms are available to clients.

We believe it is more important to provide clients with accurate, reliable information, and get paid at a later date, rather than have a client repeat the mistakes of others, by using inexperienced builders, only to regret that decision when they find significant issues and no explanations.

Ask Stuart about the reports that he has reviewed from other firms, in particular, relating to Floor Levels. Some of the information has been proven to be inaccurate and in some cases seemingly deliberately misleading, that Stuart has encouraged numerous clients to reengage their lawyers.

Database. Our exclusive database is also coming into its own, by assisting buyers with historical sales knowledge that is not available from other sources.