About US

Our Mission

A genuine concern for others who have experienced inconsistent, and somewhat diabolical treatment in the wake of quake-affected homes and businesses, has resulted in the formation of a multi-service business called Risknet Limited. 

Risknet is a Property Due Diligence business that combines Database searches, Floor Level surveys, Building Surveys, Data management and Documentation reviews on behalf of both Buyers and Sellers in quake-affected Canterbury.  

Based on the belief of a getting ‘back to basics’ and challenging the status quo,  Risknet Director Stuart Fletcher has built a reputation for excellence across numerous industry sectors both locally and internationally. 

Our Vision

To work alongside buyers to ensure they are more informed and confident about the property they are buying. The old methodology of property due diligence is not sufficient in a post-quake property market.

What information can a buyer trust to the correct? Well, many ‘renovated’ properties that are re-entering the market are simply not repaired. You the buyer may be at risk of losing it all.

The need to obtain the greater detail of historical damage has never been so important to ensure ‘on sold’ properties do not expose future homeowners to potential significant risk.

Years of diligent research has resulted in Risknet owning an exclusive Database that of thousands of quake-affected homes previously written off by insurers. These very same houses re-enter the market as ‘fully repaired and insured’… but are they? We know details about those properties the potential buyer does not.

Passionate about the post-quake property market, Stuart has been praised for undertaking the work others have failed to do, to ensure prospective property purchasers undertake comprehensive due diligence to cover all the bases prior to making the huge commitment of buying a home.