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DirectorWe check before you Commit

Our Mission

A genuine concern for the Canterbury property market, where buyers are acting on substandard, incomplete information. We formed Risknet Ltd to prevent clients from repeating mistakes others have unwittingly made when they purchased property in the Canterbury region. 

Passionate about the property market, Stuart has been praised for undertaking the work others have failed to do.

Risknet specializes in assessing houses in the Post-Quake™ property sector. We combine database searches, Floor Level surveys, Building inspections and documentation reviews on behalf of our clients. 

Always refining and challenging the status quo,  Risknet Director Stuart Fletcher has built a reputation for excellence across numerous industry sectors both locally and internationally. 

We can’t say it enough. If you buy a property without undertaking Due Diligence, you are risking your financial future.

Our Vision

To continue to work alongside buyers to ensure they are more informed and confident about the property they are buying. To continue to educate and inform, both buyers and industry experts, on elements to look out for when buying and the things they need to be prepared for, and plan for, when selling.

The old methodologies of property due diligence are no longer sufficient, therefore greater knowledge and a higher degree of push-back from clients to the vendors is the key to buying well and future proofing this asset class.

Continual improvement

Risknet intends to continue to offer inspections as well as a raft of specialist knowledge and other related services complementary to the core client base – the buyer. The database is coming into its own assisting buyers with historical sales knowledge, as is our new service which commenced in 2020, as a buyers representative.