Client feedback says it all (100% Positive)

We have consistently exceeded every single one of our client’s expectations Some basic differences that make Risknet unique. We genuinely care about your needs and will go above and beyond to ensure you are informed. We don’t demand payment upfront.  Why on earth would you pay before you get your report? We stage our services. Each client is unique. If you don’t need a service we don’t charge you. We are thorough and take our time onsite. Our reports are specific to what is required and agreed with you. We are not linked to real estate agents – an  important point that is rare in this market. We are not linked to repairers looking to open new claims – you know the ones who take 20% of your settlement. We don’t go near these businesses and nor should you. And yes, we are happy to offer opinions to allow you to make informed decisions. Every single week we see the failings, and the conflict of interest of others in this inspection space therefore have no intention of changing our high-quality business model. To simply join the masses and produce sub-standard cookie-cutter reports goes against the very reason Risknet was created, … Continue reading Client feedback says it all (100% Positive)