Database Search

Database Search

Nervous about buying a house in post-quake Christchurch and wider Canterbury? So are we.

Can you afford to get it wrong?  Buyers need to Slow down!

Knowledge is the key. Search our exclusive Canterbury Damaged Property databases. 

Before you put pen to paper or raise your hand at an auction, talk to Risknet.

We hold vital property information that others don’t.

Our exclusive database contains information on houses with significant damage during the Canterbury earthquakes.

When you seek legal advice, make sure your lawyer advises you to talk to Risknet. Major organizations that see the value of our services include MBIE, CCC, REA, ICNZ plus due diligence defaults (banks,insurers and valuers)

Best you call us first 022 609 6026

  • email or phone on the above number. (a/c 38-9017-0469332-00)


What a Positive result may look like

Details include confirmation of how the property was promoted for sale or sold, the address as originally advertised and the sales agent.

We recommend you request a copy of the following:

Advertisement Copy

A copy of the advertisement or record of sale or promotion of the property may be requested for verification purposes.  This will be sent as a pdf or jpg attachment

Property files

When available, these files may be requested. Files may include EQC and insurance scopes of works, engineers or building reports, or other relevant data that the vendor or agent at the time of the promotion of the property bundled with the promotional material.

Critical additional services offered by Risknet as part of any Pre-purchase due diligence:

Floor level survey       Find out more here

Knowing the floor levels of a residential dwelling are a vital component of any pre-purchase due diligence that may provide a benchmark for any future claims.

2nd Opinion

$280 can get you a started and have Risknet look at the house you are interested in buying. Call Stuart Fletcher personally on 022 609 6026

Building inspections & Specialist reports.      Find out more about services here

Example of Positive result

The benefits of using Risknet should not stop at a search result. Ensure you are not exposing yourself to unnecessary risk by discussing other service options with us on 022 609 6026. We will credit 50% of the database search fee when you use another one of our due diligence services.


All information sent to clients has been sourced from previously publicly available information and is not to be copied, reproduced or used for commercial purposes.

We endeavor to provide our clients with the most up to date information, including relevant references to historical information on the property of interest, however, despite our best efforts over the years; some properties may not have been captured therefore we have a process around how to guide clients through a comprehensive due diligence investigation. We are constantly talking with Conveyancing lawyers so feel free to discuss options with us. Please refer to our terms and conditions on our main page.

Disclaimer: Database information is limited to previously available public information at the time of collection. Some properties may not appear on the database due to numerous reasons, including but not limited to private sales.. Risknet Limited and/or its subsidiaries endeavour to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided, but do not guarantee its accuracy and reliability and accept no liability (whether in tort or in contract  or otherwise) for any loss or damage arising from any inaccuracies or omissions.