Floor Level Survey

Floor Levels Christchurch for Post-quake property.  Critical information.

Can you afford to take the risk? Floor levels are very important if you are faced with any future building claim. The reality is that your insurance firm may assess your new claim, and may advise you “it is all historical damage…claim declined‘. Risknet can protect you and your biggest asset.

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Floor Level Survey Christchurch

Buyers, Slow down!

Agents sell to your emotions. Risknet deals in facts. Floor levels are a record of fact, therefore one that you can rely on today, or at any time in the future.

The cost to you of getting it wrong and buying a damaged property could be financially catastrophic!

Do we really need to do anything right Now! The pressures placed upon you the buyer to ‘Buy Now’, ‘Bid Now’ or ‘Put an offer in Now’ ….are simply not justified. Only  25% (1 in 4) houses actually sell on Auction day and that includes new builds! Of these most have only one person bidding to buy, the rest passed in without a single bid. So why the rush?

Risknet is client focused.

We provide independent, comprehensive pre-purchase services. Quake-damaged assessments, building inspections, specialist reports, Floor level surveys.

We are all guilty at times of buying things on impulse, No one should impulse buy a house!