Due Diligence Risknet PostQuake Property

Due Diligence is not something any buyer should overlook or cut corners on when buying PostQuake Property. Risknet does Due Diligence In short we undertake thorough comprehensive assessments and reviews of ‘everything earthquake’. Don’t go unconditional without talking to us first. Our business has many referrals and repeat clients, which goes to the quality of service we offer. Yes, we deliver thorough assessment data. Think about it Our clients are buyers and not surprisingly include Real estate agents also. When an agent, is the buyer spending their own money, they choose Risknet to provide what others don’t. Why Risk losing a potential future sale of your property, or worse risk your Insurance being voided sometime in the future due to historical damage you weren’t aware of. Call today 022 609 6026 Database Search of Damaged Houses https://risknet.co.nz/floor-level-booking/