Risknet Grow Challenge – Proud to support this project

 Plastic waste

So you’ve seen the video on Facebook or  Watch ” Grow”now on Youtube

Let’s get this plastic waste working for us by growing seedlings and our vegetables for years to come.

Milk bottles, Fizzy bottles, yoghurt containers, ice-cream containers, and many more single-use consumables, can now be reused many times over. Just think about the advantages of reusing rather than simply throwing these things in the rubbish.

Did you know that everything that you put in your ‘recycle bin’ does not actually get recycled? In fact, millions of tons of plastics that we so carefully separate in our rubbish are ending up in the landfills alongside those non-recyclable things.

Consider your future gifts

So how did the $5.00 -10.00 Christmas presents go this year? Did they last more than a week before they broke, to only end up in the rubbish bin?. We all have a choice of what we buy and the quality of the things we gift to others, so why don’t we consider the broader issues and choose to buy a lot less cheap plastic stuff. Instead, opt for gifts that actually last and will provide greater longer-term value.

Now back to GROW.

Parents you need to help here. This is an activity that can become a fun weekly task for the whole family (remember… you use at least 1x milk container per week)

  1. Used Plastic containers
  2. Soil
  3. Seeds
  4. Water
  5. Lastly, a suitable place to park your new garden items. Simple right!
    1. Note: seedlings like shade or dark cool places. Wee little plants like a bit of sun but not too much!


The challenge is to maintain consistency in using and re-utilizing what are currently single-use plastics, where the majority are destined for landfill.

Risknet Ltd is happy to sponsor and provide awards to schools that take on and commit to this challenge both at home and at school.

Results are pretty easy to demonstrate. Pics of the set-up, the growth phase and finally the ‘Pre-harvest photo opportunity’ will suffice.

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Subject: GROW

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  • Also tell us what your school needs to make this an on-going part of the learning process, or what the school is currently fundraising for. 

We’ll be in touch…now get Growing!