House buyers waste money on flawed property reports

Be Smart and don’t buy a repaired As Is Where Is property – without talking to Risknet first. You may save thousands of dollars spent on reports that won’t stack up under a Risknet documentation and inspection review.  You can save significant cost and lost time, by engaging us first, as we have the data and knowledge others don’t. Risknet is client focused The pressure of buying a house is enormous, especially when everyone seems out to take your money, but offer very little in return. We offer value for money. Risknet saves you money and mitigates risk You will save money and valuable time, both of which none of us can afford to waste. Agents sell to your emotions, whereas Risknet deals with the facts about earthquake damage and repairs stated as being completed. Glossy brochures and professional looking reports do not replace sound due diligence. Consider your options wisely. Typical fees when buying houses – these fees are payable whether you proceed with a purchase or choose to walk away. Typical fees:  Lawyer $800-$1500, Valuation $700-$900, Basic building inspections $550-$1200, plus your Time, many hours spent taking time off work, chasing insurers and banks for finance. Your time … Continue reading House buyers waste money on flawed property reports