Pre-Purchase house inspection and floor level surveys

Pre-purchase Inspections are now mandatory when buying property

Risknet are PostQuake™ property specialists therefore we know all about Due Diligence and what separates a good report from the others. We work with our clients guiding them through this complex process. Our reports are not standard cookie-cutter tick box reports as we focus on the summary information page. We are thorough and precise.

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Pre-purchase building Inspection

Should be designed to provide the maximum amount of relevant information to the client. We do, what others don’t.

Deemed a defects survey, the report covers major and moderate defects and Specialist Knowledge exclusive to Risknet, to assist a purchaser to make an informed decision when purchasing a property in PostQuake Canterbury.

Many firms are simply putting you the buyer at significant risk for both insurance and finance. Risknet is the only firm in constant contact with Christchurch City Council and MBIE, in regards to the state of the Post-Quake Property market. We know what others don’t.

Floor Level Survey Report

Detailed levels of the dwelling for insurance and finance purposes.

Risknet Due Diligence Floor Level survey

Risknet PostQuake Floor Level survey

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