Specialist reports and Building inspection

A pre-purchase Building Inspection is now mandatory for the post-quake property.

Risknet can offer a variety of services to suit any property on a case by case basis

Specialist Reports.

The majority of the work that Risknet Limited undertake. A specific building inspection where the scope of the report is discussed with the current vendor to determine the level of investigation required. These specialist reports are used in conjunction with other Risknet services.

Vendor Maintenance Survey.

A survey specifically to prepare a vendor for a planned future sale. These reports are solely for the owner’s benefit;¬† The purpose of these reports is to identify major/significant defects that need to be identified and addressed prior to placing the property on the market.

Pre-purchase building Inspection

Designed to provide the maximum amount of relevant information to the client.

Deemed a defects survey, which covers major and moderate defects to assist a purchaser to make an informed decision when purchasing a property.

Floor Level Survey Report

Detailed levels of the dwelling for insurance and finance purposes.