Great feedback

Hi Stuart

Thanks for this – an excellent service and very much needed I will be referring prospective clients to your website.

Karen Overend
Overend and Associates 

“You knocked the report out of the park”, “Speed of turnaround and specific details brilliant”

Zane (full name withheld) Jan 2019

“We will highly recommend you” “Price, advice, and timing excellent”

Jenna (full name withheld) Dec 2018 – (Client advised Not to proceed with purchase due to significant floor level issues)

“We had no idea what we needed to know” ” You likely saved us 100 grand!”

Greg and Hannah (Full name withheld) – (they bought the third we inspected for them)

“Couldn’t be happier with your very thorough inspection and report and the extra time you have taken for our benefit” 

Kathryn – New to St Albans Christchurch