Property Files

We endeavour to provide our clients with the most up to date information, including relevant references to historical information on the property of interest, however despite our best efforts over the years; some properties may not have been captured and may warrant further investigation as directed by a Conveyancing lawyer. Please refer to our terms and conditions on our main page.

PROPERTY FILES Click below to order your files

Cost $120.00 +GST

This service is only available to existing clients who have requested and paid for a database search on the same address previously.

Risknet Limited can send copies of the property files available for the address searched. Note on the Database search, the client will have been advised if any property files are available, and provided a screen shot of these files.

All property file information has been provided by the vendor or the sales agents acting under instruction from the vendor or on behalf. Risknet are merely passing over this information as was collected from the sales agent.

At no time has Risknet undertaken any investigation to verify the veracity of any claims stated or inferred within the files or contents of such.
The property files are in no way promoted by Risknet Limited as being complete or accurate, therefore extreme caution must be taken. The files may or may not contain relevant information for prospective purchasers undertaking their due diligence. Seek Professional advice.

How files will be sent

The files will be sent to the client via email, cloud service share link or flash drive. The method of delivery may be determined by the size of the files or a specific preference of the client. If a flash drive is required an additional charge may be incurred.  will include either the original advertisement or a reference to the sale or historical promotion of the property (As is where is, EQC transfers of claim or monies for specific works (garages, driveways etc.) Note you may require PDF viewer.

Additional pre-purchase services offered by Risknet.

Floor level survey: Find out more here

Knowing the floor levels of a residential dwelling are a vital component of any pre-purchase due diligence that may provide a benchmark for any future claims.

All information sent to clients has been sourced from previously publicly available information and is not to be copied, reproduced or used for commercial purposes.